Your Photographer

Name: Shana Pyburn
Hometown: Riverside, Ca
Current Town: Columbia, SC

Hobbies: Piano, Photography, Being Me, Laughing
Music: Rock, very little Rap, Big Band, Blues, Pop, select Country
Movies: Breakfast At Tiffany's, Little Women, Shrek, Rent
Languages: English, Spanglish

My motto: "In the book of life, the  answers aren't always in the back!" -Charles Shultz

A Peek Into My Life:
*I make time stand still.
*I'm Shana Pyburn.
*My style is modern, timeless, simple...
*I am photographer, a musician (Piano player), a wife, a sister, and friend.
*I believe in love at first sight. My 4-year marriage is my proof.
*My world revolves around photography, God, my husband, my family, and music. But not necessarily in that order.
*You can get me to do anything with the promise of a cupcake. Throw in some Apple juice and I’ll sing for you! :)
*I’m a jeans & hoodie kind of girl. Add a pair of Chucks & I’m set for life. But I promise not to show up to your wedding like that.
*I’m green. Not the color… the movement! Lol.  Although it would be interesting if a green photographer showed up to your shoot.
*I married a Southerner. When in the South, I’m homesick for my California. And vice-versa.
*Yes, My last name is Pyburn. My name is my husband’s fault. But I still laugh when his Battles call me Mrs. Pybreezy
*I will cry at your wedding.

Our Videographer

Name: Donte
Home State: California
Current Town: Columbia, SC  

Hobbies: Photography, Videography, Football, Video Games
Music: Rhythm and Blues, Rap, Neo-Soul, Hip-hop, Gospel 
Movies: Four Brothers,American Ganster, Slumdog Millionaire
Languages: English

My motto: Even when you achieve your dream, dream some more! -Me

A Peek Into My Life:
*This man is the most important thing in my life.
*If I need an extra photographer, he's there.
*He's a wizard at Videography.
*He makes the most amazing slideshows!!! 
*The greatest thing about him is that I can always rely on him.

Our Hair & Makeup Expert

Name: Rose McWilliams
Hometown: Columbus, OH
Current Town: Columbia, SC
Hobbies: I've just started to get in to sewing and building things! I never really knew how to use certain tools until I met an awesome girl who "showed me the way".
Music: I'm a big rock/ metal fan....Blindside, Saosin, For Today, One Republic, Chelsea Grin, Hilary Duff, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Asking Alexandria... plus a million more haha
Movies: So hard to choose! I love movies from the 80s! But my all time favorite movie is The Little Mermaid! I strive to have perfect hair like hers! I swear that Ariel is the reason why I love hair so much. Well, her and every other Disney Princess!
Languages: English

My motto(s): "Just one more..."
No matter what comes across me in life that seems hard, if I tell myself just one more I know that I will be further then where I was or where I could have been . 

A Peek Into My Life:
*I married my end of 8th grade sweetheart.
*He joined the Army right out of high school.
*I've lived in a total of 4 states now.
*We have a beautiful boy who is my heart and soul!!! 

Time Tested Beauty Tips:
*I like to tell ladies, if your not big on false lashes, to clean an old mascara brush and apply baby powder to your lashes after your first coat. Always move your mascara wand from left to right so that it opens up your lashes. Then after you apply the mascara and baby powder apply another coat of mascara. Focus on the ends a bit but your lashes will appear longer!
*Please protect that sexy hair with leave in conditioner! 
*Always, always, always use heat spray when using kind of hot tool!!!